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The Salty Conscience Project was created with the main intention of bringing awareness about social and environmental causes through our passions: surf, skate and art.

Our first initiative is a documentary presented by the professional surfer Alex Chacon, professional skater Vitor Silveira and the artist Daniel Ellwanger.

The documentary consists of several chapters filmed during our three months road trip, which stared on the 15th of August from Baja California (México) to Colombia.

Each chapter is formed by surf/skateboard performance, creative art and also our interaction with inspiring local NGO´s.


  • To raise awareness in society of values such as respect, solidarity, modesty and love for nature.
  • To show the experience of a group of people enjoying their passion in the main peaks of the countries where the tour runs, not only through the sporting activity viewpoint, but also from a personal perspective of concern for nature and social and humanitarian awareness.
  • To convey the spirit of “The search”: searching for the perfect wave, for adventures, personal search, etc.
  • Emphasize the simplicity of life, looking for an introduction and a closer relationship with the humblest communities.
  • Demystify the fatalist and negative prejudices that exist about Latin America, showing other features of these areas: a warm, welcoming and very sincere and grateful people.
  • Showing the economic and socio-cultural reality of the communities with which they will coexist during the experience: problems of infrastructure, poverty, diseases, precarious development, etc.
  • Involvement in small works of help and cooperation with these NGOs during the stay of the team in the area and carrying out a post-program monitoring.
  • Promotion of the Local NGOs through the broadcasting of the documentary, the social networks, the web site communication of the project and through the personal profiles of every participant involved in the “Salty Conscience Project”
  • The creation of an open and two-way communication channel through the project´s web page, seeking to generate a real and tangible approach between both realities.